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548 W 22nd St
October 13–16, 2022

548 W 22nd St
October 13–16, 2022

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On Saturday, October 15 from 12–6pm, stop by the first ever NYABF Block Party!
Throughout the day, there will be food, music, dance performances, workshops, activities, and more.
Tickets to the Fair are $5 on Saturday, and the Block Party is free and open to the public.

See below for the day’s schedule + info about each participant ︎︎︎


All day long... 

︎ At the top of each hour, Jess Turner of Olamina Botanicals will lead a 20-minute workshop on Mugwort (Artemsia vulgaris) lore, with a Mugwort protection wand and Mugwort sleep pillow demonstration.

︎ Come join Lil' Deb's Oasis & Friends for a day of relaxation, repair, poetry and nourishment. Live readings will be held alongside several activities in “the lounge,” including but not limited to: massage, clothing repair, group poem painting and more. Snacks and drinks will be available.

︎ Workshops with Frank Traynor and Lydia Glenn-Murray of No School.

SHRIMP ZINE. Presented by Dia Art Foundation.
The Dia Teens program joins artist and educator Andreas Laszlo Konrath to demo SHRIMP ZINE, a free mobile tool for making zines. SHRIMP ZINE takes images that live in the digital sphere and help those using the app to merge them into an object that can be printed out, shared, and exchanged.

Performance. Presented by PAGEANT.
Members from the PAGEANT community perform a live movement score consisting of improvisational and composed movement ideas.

Bushwick Chess Club tournaments, with Micah Jameson. Presented by Bushwick Chess Club. 

Programming, cont.d

Taco Bell Drawing Club
2022 marks the first in-person NYABF since Jason died in 2020. He was 37. Jason loved the Fair. He was a Fair fixture for more than a decade. We invite you to remember Jason this year by drawing with us. And by eating tacos and being nice. No drawing talent required, but don’t forget something to draw with and a sketchbook or paper.

Embody the Loving Animal, with Hanako Emden & Sophie Florian. Presented by COLORAMA.
A creative writing exercise dabbling between fan fiction and the classic love letter. We will give examples of what a love letter can be. Participants will slip into the role of a fictional animal and write a piece of loving fiction to an assigned crush. Every animal will go home with a love letter.

Hoops and For Loops, with Melanie Hoff & Neta Bomani. Presented by School for Poetic Computation.
An exploration of the fundamental coding concept of for loops through hula hooping.

Performance. Presented by PAGEANT.
Members from the PAGEANT community perform a live movement score consisting of improvisational and composed movement ideas.

The Stage

A live broadcast with Montez Press Radio

Music performances organized by Pioneer Works

Batalá New York
Batalá New York is the premier all-women, Black-led percussion ensemble, bringing high-energy performances to the people of New York City through an engaging blend of cultural education and joyous entertainment.

Sound Healing by Lavender Suarez
Lavender Suarez is a sound healing practitioner, meditation teacher, and artist based in New York City. Lavender is the author of Transcendent Waves: How Listening Shapes Our Creative Lives (2020, Anthology Editions) which delves into how listening to the world around you and your inner self can foster and develop any creative practice.

Prince of Queens (machine set)
Prince of Queens aka Felipe Quiroz normally lends his talented musicianship on keys and bass to the live ensembles of Combo Chimbita and MAKU Soundsystem, but behind the closed doors of his Bunker Studio a new sector of blissfully solo, machine-made electronic rhythms are steadily bubbling to the surface.

Names You Can Trust (DJ set)Names You Can Trust is an independent record label based out of Brooklyn, NY. Since 2004, the label has manufactured a mix of vintage & modern sounds typical of the New York experience—spanning Afro-Latin, Reggae, Disco, Dance & Instrumental Music.

5pm onward
Readings + performances presented by Lil' Deb's Oasis & Friends!


            69herbs is a New York-based apothecary and design project. 69herbs aestheticizes a dream of collective healing with blends that focus on trans and queer health, mental health, accessibility, and harm reduction. Herbal creations are handmade in Brooklyn with locally & sustainably grown plants whenever possible.


Bushwick Chess Club
            Bushwick Chess Club is a community of chess players who meet weekly at Nook cafe in Bushwick. We hold regular events and bi-weekly tournaments.


CMarty’s Jerk
            Caribbean pop up restaurant based at King Tai Bar in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.


            Berlin based publishing and printing studio presenting artists in experimental comics and speculative narration. We understand publishing and printing as an artistic, collaborative practice and a democratic tool to participate in cultural and political discourse.


Food With Fam
            Food With Fam is a community-based organization that hosts food distributions and other initiatives to provide free, quality food to individuals and families in need throughout New York City.


Lil' Deb's Oasis & Friends!
            Lil' Deb's Oasis is a restaurant + community space based in Hudson, NY. They released their first cookbook, Please Wait To Be Tasted this summer ~ come visit us + get a taste! Your Pleasure is Our Business ~ Seeing is Believing, Tasting is Truth!


Maggie Boyd and Molasses Books
            Ceramics and books.


Montez Press Radio
            Montez Press Radio is an experimental broadcasting and performance platform. We were founded in 2018 with the goal of fostering greater experimentation and conversation between artists, writers, and thinkers through the medium of radio. This platform invites different corners of the art world to interact with each other in person and on air—a place where media finally meets flesh. We’re drawn to art that exists in the unexpected, the authenticity of sharing without a script, the sounds of ideas in the making, conversation that forgets there’s an audience. We also like books. All of our in-studio broadcasts are free and open to the public.


No School
            No School is an experimental arts education program focusing on adventurous, process oriented group art making designed to promote a broad sense of wonder, joy and possibility.


Olamina Botanicals
            Olamina Botanicals is a bioregional apothecary crafting teas, tonics and tinctures from local, foraged and organic plant material. Our mission is to help people tap into their innate power as healers, draw strength from the plant world, and act on behalf of the planet.


The Other Almanac
            The Other Almanac is a reimagining of the old farmer’s almanac, with contributions from artists, activists, incarcerated poets, midwives, sex workers, chefs, and many more.


            P.A.D. is an art exhibition space in the historic SOHO (South of Houston) District of New York City. It reflects the bustling economy of artists making, selling and promoting their artworks on the street year-round, weather permitting. The aim of the space is to platform small and editioned works by artists that are interested in embracing new contexts for exhibiting.


            PAGEANT is an artist-run dance and performance space presenting experimental works from emerging artists in Brooklyn NY.


School for Poetic Computation
            The School for Poetic Computation is an experimental school in New York founded in 2013. The school supports interdisciplinary study in art, code, hardware, political education, and critical theory. It is a place for unlearning and learning. It is a place for people who are LGBTQIA+, Black, Indigenous, and/or Disabled to feel empowered that their ideas are important, necessary and central.


Taco Bell Drawing Club
            Jason Polan founded Taco Bell Drawing Club in 2005. “If you draw at a Taco Bell, you’re a member,” Jason used to say. “There are no rules. I often draw people, but you can draw whatever you want.” Jason loved Taco Bell. When he was a kid there was a Taco Bell he would go to with his family, and the manager was very nice. Jason always liked nice people. And tacos.